Of all the senses, the science of smell has been researched & documented the least yet it's the first thing we do as babies and is that powerful it can find our way back to our mothers, even in adulthood. 

Working with you, we deep-dive into your firm's philosophies to discover what your brand identity is. We then look into the project to determine how we'll transform this into scent form. We use natural ingredients free of synthetics, parabens and petrochemicals.

Designed and directed by founder and certified natural perfumer, Samantha Copland, the creative process begins with a brief, research & development, scent design, sampling, packaging design and bottling. It's interactive and collaborative. You can depend on us to tell stories of your essence with the highest quality essence in the world.

They say your brand is what people say about it when you're not in the room, so why not make it beautiful, enhance your wellbeing and linger.