Natural, Empowering Precious and Personal.




We uncover your true essence and translate it into scent to share,

using the most precious natural ingredients. 

 We highlight the overlooked or ignored details of people & nature.

We create limited edition fine fragrance that redefines your brand,

event or marks a special occasion.

Fragrance free of synthetics, glycols, parabens and petrochemicals.

Made with love in Auckland, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia.




Working with you, we learn your philosophies to discover your vision. We discuss objectives, scent application and packaging options. We consider different creative processes to transform your story into scent form. A delivery time-line is established.


You can rely on us to tell stories of your essence with the highest quality essence in the world. We match the depth of your objectives and story into irresistible layers of fine fragrance.

The scent design is conducted privately, with sample scent discussions open and inclusive.

We use natural ingredients free of synthetics, parabens and petrochemicals.



They say your brand is what people say when you're no longer in the room. Why not make it fragrant so people can remember your essence when you're not around.

We manufacture and bottle all fine fragrance by hand from our studios in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. 

You'll have the joy of sharing your scent, enjoying the benefits of closer connection to the natural world, and each other.

Balance is achieved when opposites attract, like yin and yang.

Nothing is lost or created, everything is transformed