We uncover your true essence & how to develop it into fragrant form with a Perfume Playground® unfolding pathway.

We discuss the vision, objectives, intellectual property, scent application and packaging options and we cover market research of the competitive landscape.

A delivery time-line is established.



You can rely on us to tell stories of your essence with the highest quality essence in the world. We match the depth of your objectives and story into irresistible layers of fine fragrance. We highlight the overlooked or ignored details of people & nature.

This is the actual development of pilot fragrances based on the specifications. Fragrance free of synthetics, glycols, parabens and petrochemicals. Made with love in Auckland, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia.



We deliver the pilot fragrance samples and a joint assessment and fine tuning takes place before a sensory profile is selected. Discussions are open and inclusive.

Depending on the scale of the project we blend and bottle from our Scent Studios in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand. 

Distribution of fragrance is covered in the insights. Whether you decide to own this process or jointly navigate with Perfume Playground you'll have the joy of sharing your scented story(s) with the world.