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Love nature. Love scent. Love yourself. Love technology. Love design. Love green beauty. 

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Samantha Copland


Daria Zlobina


For me, it began at the age of 4 or 5, when my mother's dressing table lured me with all its shiny treasures. The obsession made rapid strides and soon enough I possessed my very own first perfume for kids. From that first one to a collection of all sorts, I've always been curious about exploring new scents, fascinated to see how each brings a particular emotion and puts forward a certain side of wearer's personality. Never daring to imagine that this passion could be shared with others, I continued with studies and work, saving a very special place in my heart for all things fragrant. That was up until I finally decided to follow my calling and quit the day job, went on a life- changing holiday and commenced to work as a fragrance specialist upon my return. Now, assisting people with making their own individual blends and seeing how it instantly transforms their being, is the best gift.

Lilly Grace Robb 


My favourite scents are Raspberry isolate, Bergamot, and Ambriene. Given an affinity for nature through my name, I love the natural world and how we exist within it. I'm also very interested in the relationship between nature and technology and how two opposing ideas can work to enhance each other - the same way that people do. I'm certified in Australian Bush Essences and study Visual Communications which compliments my interest in nature and technology in a serendipitous way.