Designed for your lifestyle,

it's scent for what you wear,

what you eat and 

who you hang out with.


I find beauty in imperfection,

I'm driven to constantly develop, to make the banal

interesting or unravel something that

seems too precious - Samantha C. 

Hello, I'm Samantha C. 

I live in awe of the natural world & different cultures and

people I meet.

I founded the Perfume Playground for you

to discover the natural world,

to connect with your natural wonder and wisdom.

I teach, sharing my knowledge freely. 

I design, for beauty and wellbeing.




perfume is the music of my dreams






First job was in the Prestige Fragrance Division at CS Company. 

 Designed first Perfume in Grasse in 2005. 

Renowned for Strategy, Business Development & Building legacy Systems during 10 Years managing projects in New Zealand and Internationally. 

Made redundant from a corporate role. 

Went to India, on a trip of a lifetime with my best-friend.

Stumbling upon a perfume shop in Rajasthan I was drawn to crystal glass bottles of which on a whim, purchased.

Told of their unlikely arrival using India Post, promised to follow my dream if they arrived safely home.

Founding the Perfume Playground sat alongside an immersion into the natural world which included certification in flower essences, aromatherapy, medical herbalism, plant shamanism & Rongoa Maori Medicine.

Followed my nose to the USA to become a Certified Natural Perfumer under world renowned alchemist Mandy Aftel.

Now harmonious from within, on a mission to share learnings and love. 


I often highlight the overlooked or ignored details of people & nature.

The aim of the playground: to Redefine who you are with Natural Fragrance, restoring your connection to self & the land.



The custom Scent Studio is design-led, with fine fragrances embodying risk & reward.

Free of synthetics, glycols, parabens and petrochemicals, the complex formulas are hand-made with the most precious natural ingredients in Auckland, NZ and Melbourne, Australia.

We work with brands to uncover their true essence and translate it into scent for distribution. 

Collaborating with brands exclusively, designing for wellness, beauty and the arts. Discover recent Collections and Learn more of the Private Label experience.


Perfume is probably the most sophisticated creation one can make; it's very intellectual. It's the most valuable product of our spirit.



The unique Sensory Experiences are the result of cross-contextualising interests & lifestyle; travel, psychology, business, events and fragrance.

Stories of Scent & Science are shared at all sensory experience connecting urban dwellers with self and the natural world around them. 

Crafted using the finest and most exquisite ingredients, the experience is celebratory, sharing your playful, rollercoaster of life in sensory form.

Exploring scent with family, friends and colleagues is magical.


Being a perfumer is a bit like being a magician: it's about realising your vision of someone else's emotions



Lilly G.


Through the nature of my name,

I love the natural world and how we exist within it.

I like learning about the relationship between technology &

nature and how two opposing ideas can work to enhance

each other - the same way that people do.

I'm certified in Australian Bush Essences and 

study Visual Communications which compliments

my interest in nature and technology. 

My favourite scents are Raspberry Isolate,

Bergamot, and Ambriene.

I design, for beauty & wellbeing.