Perfume is probably the most sophisticated creation one can make; it's very intellectual. It's the most valuable product of our spirit.



I went to India on a trip of a lifetime. Stumbled upon a perfume shop in Rajasthan. Drawn to crystal glass bottles of which on a whim, purchased. Told of their unlikely arrival by India Post, promised to follow my dream if they arrived safely home.

Founding the Perfume Playground sat alongside an immersion into the natural world which included certification in flower essences, aromatherapy, medical herbalism, plant shamanism & Rongoa Maori Medicine.

Followed my nose to the USA to become a Certified Natural Perfumer under world renowned alchemist Mandy Aftel.

Within the first year of business taught over 700 people, in five global locations, to make Natural perfume. Not a day goes by where I don't experiment with perfume notes, designing and sharing shimmering layers of fine fragrance.







perfume is the music of my dreams





Hello, I'm Samantha. I love translating ideas into fragrant form that's natural, empowering, precious and personal.

Early days

While at high school I played the flute to the standard of performance equivalent to someone studying full time at a conservatoire. I rarely performed despite my A.T.C.L qualifications, tormented by perfectionism.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Pharmacology & Psychology. My first job was in the Prestige Fragrance Division at CS Company in New Zealand. I fell in love with perfume in this role. I designed my first Perfume at Gallimard in Grasse, France in 2005. 

Corporate Life

Renowned for Strategy, Business Development & Building legacy systems during 10 Years managing projects in New Zealand and Internationally, I was made redundant from a company I'd been a part of for five years. 

Slowing down

I lived most of my life in a rush, ambitious yet distracted, always hunting new opportunities. I worked really hard, for long hours and attained many luxuries of life. This rush took a toll on me mentally, physically and socially,  I often projected my emotions onto others, struggling to feel content and often keeping score. I was encouraged to practise Medical Qi Gong to manage shin splints that had formed from hours of marathon training. Learning to move with my breath and body I slowly created space and reclaimed my senses. 

I founded the Perfume Playground for you to rediscover the natural world, to connect with your natural wonder and wisdom through your senses.

I teach, sharing my knowledge freely. 

I design, for beauty and wellbeing. 



exploration and refinement of ideas, people and places into fine fragrance that is natural, empowering, precious and personal.

opportunities to learn & flourish with scent + science.

to give more than we take. 

a sensory space to restore your connection to self & the land; to enjoy your wonder & wisdom.



I find beauty in imperfection, I'm driven to constantly develop, to make the banal interesting or unravel something that seems too precious



We work to uncover your true essence and translate it into scent for distribution, using the most precious natural ingredients.



Explore scent with family, friends and colleagues. It's magical.